[botan-devel] 1.12 release?

Jack Lloyd lloyd at randombit.net
Sat Apr 9 15:35:22 EDT 2016

On Thu, Apr 07, 2016 at 09:17:52PM -0700, J Decker wrote:
> Is there a plan for a 1.12 version?  Been a while since a stable
> version?  Or is it false that odd revisions are beta?

Yes API changes can and do occur on 1.11, because it is software which
is still actively being developed/extended. The stable 1.10 is
effectively a snapshot from 2011 which receives security updates,
which is why it doesn't evolve much otherwise.

2.0 will be released when it seems reasonable to promise to support it
for a period of time without backward incompatible changes. Things are
getting there, with a lot of progress in recent releases, but not yet.

The new (in 1.11) TLS design has worked out well, and not required
major work or redesigns in order to support new extensions or work
around protocol problems over the last 5 years. Which gives hope it
will be able to withstand further modifications going forward. This is
good as it's certainly the most complex single piece of code in the

I would prefer all users converge on a single branch, so being able to
release 2.0 and announce an EOL date for 1.10 is certainly part of the
plan. But I'd like 2.0 to be in a position where it's possible to
continue to develop/extend in continued 2.0.x releases, rather than
being forced to immediately hard-fork it to a new (API-incompatible)
2.1.x branch, and then again be maintaining two long-lived
branches. So 2.0.0 must already at least anticipate future
developments well enough that extensions can occur - for example see
https://github.com/randombit/botan/issues/471 where supporting OS
certificate stores will certainly require library API changes.

I am hoping for 2.0 this year, but the real answer is when it's ready.


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