[botan-devel] Compression_Filter throws exception (Compression type not found)

Sviatoslav Feshchenko sviatoslav at outlook.com
Wed Aug 31 18:07:33 EDT 2016

Hello Botan developer community,

Would someone be kind and tell me why this does not work:

compressor = new Compression_Filter(std::string("bzip2"), 9);

I get an exception thrown with message "Compression type 'bzip2' not found". Upon closer examination of Botan code, it seems the error comes from Botan::make_compressor() function. Am I doing something wrong or were there changes in the library that are now causing this error? I am pretty sure this line of code worked with a previous version of Botan, but a lot has changed in my environment and I can't pinpoint the source of the problem.

My environment:

Botan version 1.11.31

OS: Mac OS X 10.11.6

Clang compiler

Please help!

Many thanks
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