[botan-devel] How to add a module to be compiled?

René Korthaus r.korthaus at sirrix.com
Fri Apr 14 07:13:58 EDT 2017

The information how to build a module is placed in a file named
"info.txt" inside each module directory. It describes, amongst others,
the source files and headers and dependencies to other modules. Hope
this helps. If you have more questions, don't hesitate to ask.

Note to self: We should probably add a handbook chapter on the build
system and test framework to the handbook. neusdan and me created some
documentation for the BSI project which we could contribute.

Am 14.04.2017 um 08:29 schrieb Jeffrey Walton:
> Hi Everyone,
> I'm having trouble getting the build system to pick up a new block
> cipher. The class files for the cipher were placed in src/lib/block/,
> the header was added to src/lib/base/botan.h, and a factory was added
> at src/lib/block/block_cipher.cpp. Test vectors were added to
> src/tests/data/block/.
> Adding the ciphers to the policy text files (bsi.txt and friends)
> produced errors about a missing module.
> I've tried to determine how other ciphers, like camellia and adler32,
> are picked up, but I don't see it (see below).
> How do I add a module to the build system?
> Thanks in advance.
> *********
> Here's what a grep for the adler32 module is returning after a 'make distclean':
> $ grep -R adler32 *
> news.rst:* Split checksum.h into adler32.h, crc24.h, and crc32.h
> src/lib/hash/checksum/adler32/adler32.cpp:#include <botan/adler32.h>
> src/lib/hash/checksum/adler32/adler32.cpp:void adler32_update(const
> uint8_t input[], size_t length,
> src/lib/hash/checksum/adler32/adler32.cpp:      adler32_update(input,
> PROCESS_AMOUNT, m_S1, m_S2);
> src/lib/hash/checksum/adler32/adler32.cpp:   adler32_update(input,
> length, m_S1, m_S2);
> src/lib/hash/hash.cpp:  #include <botan/adler32.h>
> $
> From the output above, I don't see a configuration file for the build
> system to know to build adler32. Camellia and others produce similar
> results.
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