[botan-devel] Any Debian developers who can help package botan2?

Jack Lloyd jack at randombit.net
Sun Dec 10 10:47:56 EST 2017


Is anyone on the list a Debian developer who would be able to get Botan2
packaged for this distro? At this point Debian (and derivatives) is the last
major distro with no package for 2.x. It would be nice to get this fixed, at
least in time for Debian 10, so that we can eventually drop 1.10 support

I don't use Debian and know little about the Debian packaging scheme, but would
be happy to help with any questions on the Botan side of things. I'm not sure if
it would be easier to start from the existing 1.10 packaging files or starting
fresh, as quite a lot has changed.

Reply here or email me offlist if you can help with this.


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