[botan-devel] insecure renegotiation

Falko Strenzke fstrenzke at cryptosource.de
Sat Jun 3 03:27:56 EDT 2017


I would like to report an observation about Botan's TLS implementation.
I ran the following simple test: Botan's sample client connects to a TLS
1.2 server which does not support secure renegotiation. I added output
of the server's extensions in the hello request for clarity. When the
client requests renegotiation, the following happens:


server_hello extension types:
Certificate validation status: Cannot establish trust
Handshake complete, TLS v1.2 using RSA_WITH_AES_128_CBC_SHA
Session ID 554ECECB8546861C826DCB4F26D3439A67274ECC9414D9FFC3C21E658D9A5003
Client initiated renegotiation
server_hello extension types:
Error: Server changed its mind about secure renegotiation

The client incorrectly seems to believe the server supports secure
renegotiation. This seems to err on the side of security, however.



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