[botan-devel] Porting to v2.0.1 on Mac OS X => two missing symbols in entropy for SecRandom

William K. Foster wkf at alum.mit.edu
Wed Mar 29 21:23:30 EDT 2017


I'm trying to move from v1.10.15 to v2.0.1 and almost have my app building
again, however it fails to link with this error on Macintosh OS X:

Undefined symbols for architecture x86_64:
  "_SecRandomCopyBytes", referenced from:
      Botan::Darwin_SecRandom::poll(Botan::RandomNumberGenerator&) in
  "_kSecRandomDefault", referenced from:
      Botan::Darwin_SecRandom::poll(Botan::RandomNumberGenerator&) in

Any suggestions?  Is my python configuration incorrect for the make system?

./configure.py --with-debug-info --no-optimizations; \
cd ..
   INFO: ./configure.py invoked with options "--with-debug-info
   INFO: Platform: OS="Darwin" machine="x86_64" proc="i386"
   INFO: Guessing target OS is darwin (use --os to set)
   INFO: Guessing to use compiler clang (use --cc to set)
   INFO: Guessing target processor is a x86_64/x86_64 (use --cpu to set)
   INFO: Target is clang-darwin-x86_64-x86_64
   INFO: Skipping, dependency failure - certstor_sqlite3 sessions_sqlite3
   INFO: Skipping, incompatible OS - cryptoapi_rng locking_allocator
   INFO: Skipping, no enabled compression schemes - compression
   INFO: Skipping, not requested - dyn_load
   INFO: Skipping, requires external dependency - boost bzip2 lzma openssl
pkcs11 sqlite3 tpm zlib
   INFO: Loading modules adler32 aead aes aes_ni aes_ssse3 aont asn1
auto_rng base base64 bcrypt bigint blake2 block blowfish camellia cascade
cast cbc cbc_mac ccm cecpq1 certstor_sql cfb chacha chacha20poly1305
chacha_sse2 clmul cmac codec_filt comb4p crc24 crc32 cryptobox ctr
curve25519 darwin_secrandom des dev_random dh dl_algo dl_group dlies dsa
eax ec_gfp ec_group ecc_key ecdh ecdsa ecgdsa ecies eckcdsa elgamal
eme_oaep eme_pkcs1 eme_raw emsa1 emsa_pkcs1 emsa_pssr emsa_raw emsa_x931
entropy fd_unix ffi filters fletcher32 fpe_fe1 gcm gmac gost_28147
gost_3410 gost_3411 hash hash_id hex hkdf hmac hmac_drbg http_util idea
idea_sse2 iso9796 kasumi kdf kdf1 kdf1_iso18033 kdf2 keccak keypair lion
mac mce mceies md4 md5 mdx_hash mgf1 misty1 mode_pad modes mp newhope
noekeon noekeon_simd numbertheory ocb ofb par_hash passhash9 pbes2 pbkdf
pbkdf1 pbkdf2 pem pk_pad poly1305 prf_tls prf_x942 proc_walk pubkey rc4
rdrand rdrand_rng rdseed rfc3394 rfc6979 rmd160 rng rsa salsa20 seed
serpent serpent_simd sessions_sql sha1 sha1_sse2 sha2_32 sha2_64 sha3 shake
shake_cipher simd siphash siv skein sp800_108 sp800_56c srp6 stateful_rng
stream system_rng threefish threefish_avx2 tiger tls tls_cbc tss twofish
utils whirlpool x509 x919_mac xmss xtea xts
   INFO: Assuming CPU is little endian
   INFO: Assuming unaligned memory access works
   INFO: Using symlink to link files into build dir (use --link-method to
   INFO: Botan 2.0.1 (VC git:55a1d935e736716480407378565939b9e6c829b9)
(released dated 20170109) build setup is complete


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