[botan-devel] Basic Constraints Pathlen Constraint

Falko Strenzke fstrenzke at cryptosource.de
Fri Mar 31 10:28:27 EDT 2017


during some tests with X.509 verification the following error showed up
in Botan 2.0.1:

  83       if(issuer->path_limit() <


This is incorrect since it includes the target certificate, i.e. the EE
certificate, in the path length calculation. However, according to RFC
5280, the target certificate must not be counted here. In a chain
TrustAnchor->SubCA->EE the variable would be 2 when reaching the
TrustAnchor, and if it has a path length constraint of 1 the chain would
erroneously be rejected. Correct would thus be:

83       if(issuer->path_limit() + 1 < i)

Whether checking for an integer overflow is necessary here is something
that could be asserted...


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