[botan-devel] Interoperability between Botan and Windows CNG/BCrypt with AES-128/GCM

Craig craig-crypto at contexsure.com
Fri Oct 20 12:29:24 EDT 2017

Hi Jack and all,

> 1. Are there any known cases of getting Botan and CNG to interoperate with
> > AES or other algorithms? I'm happy to switch to a tried-and-true path.
> I'm not familiar with anything specific, sorry.

With your generous help, we have such a known case now.

All your points were right on target. Changing the IV to match both sides
and explicitly setting the nonce directly combined to produce identical
output for both the encryption and the authentication value for the two

As I planned, I have shared the working code and listings online for the
community at https://web.cs.wpi.edu/~cshue/resources.html#botan-cng .
Hopefully, this will be useful to anyone who ends up in the same position.

Thanks again for your kind assistance. I would likely have been stuck for
quite some time without it.

-- Craig
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