[botan-devel] Call for testing before 2.3.0 release

Jack Lloyd jack at randombit.net
Fri Sep 22 13:04:46 EDT 2017


Things are now feature complete for the 2.3.0 release which is expected in early
October. I've created a snapshot to hopefully get a bit more visibility into any
issues, if you can please test this version against your application and/or on
any unusual platforms/compilers you have access to.

fdb5057367563f3f3196812984429a7c88eef22fc672f440b6c4674f0903c5a8  Botan-snapshot-20170922.tgz

(Or just clone latest master from github)

Report any issues, test failures, etc on GitHub issue tracker:

Notable changes that are primarily internal, but might affect applications:

- More classes are now marked `final`. None of these were intended for
  derivation but it's possible I've missed something.

- Many headers have been cleaned up to minimize depenencies. The big one you
  might notice is that botan/rng.h is often not included in headers anymore,
  instead RandomNumberGenerator is merely pre-declared, since that's all the
  header needed. So with 2.3 you may have to add additional #includes to get all
  the declarations you are relying on in a particular file.

Notable feature additions
 - ARMv8 acceleration for AES and GCM
 - ARM CPU feature detection for systems without getauxval
 - System_RNG is supported on iOS now
 - SHACAL2 block cipher
 - ARIA block cipher
 - OCB and XTS modes now support 256-bit and 512-bit ciphers
 - SM2 signatures and encryption now support arbitrary hashes
 - ECDHE_PSK ciphersuites
 - PSS 'raw' signature padding (PSS signing an externally generated hash)
 - Improved support for Windows Phone/Windows Store
 - Improved support for IBM XLC compiler
 - New LLVM bitcode target
 - Distribution build script now produces deterministic outputs

Interesting bugfixes:
 - Many warnings from Visual C++ cleaned up
 - Fixed AltiVec runtime detection (broken since 2.1)
 - Fixed AltiVec on little-endian processors


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