[botan-devel] Picking minimum supported version of Windows

Jack Lloyd jack at randombit.net
Fri Jul 12 10:30:33 EDT 2019

We have run into an issue where we need to pick a minimum supported Windows
version - https://github.com/randombit/botan/issues/2028

Right now the build is by status quo mostly compatible with Windows XP.  However
as a project policy we explicitly don't support operating systems not supported
by the original vendor, which includes XP and Vista. In January 2020, Windows
Server 2008 and Windows 7 also EOL.

My initial feel was to first require a min version of Server 2008, then increase
that to Windows 8 in January since as of January 15th, Windows 8 is the oldest
supported version. Howerver online stats indicate that ~30% of all Windows
machines are Windows 7, and if we break compat with all of those that may be a

So the current proposal is as follows:

- Immediately (starting with next release in October) require min API version
  Windows Server 2008/Windows 7.

- Starting in January (effectively coming in the April 2020 release) drop
  Windows Server 2008 support, but retain Windows 7 even though it is EOL.

We'd retain Windows 7 support until the market share drops to below 10% or so.

I'm not a Windows developer by any means, so perhaps there are problems with
this plan that we are not recognizing. If so please either comment on the github
issue or reply here.


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