[botan-devel] Botan 2.12.0 released

Jack Lloyd jack at randombit.net
Mon Oct 7 07:45:02 EDT 2019

I'm happy to announce the release of Botan 2.12.0. This release contains 341
commits from 11 contributors. The most notable changes include:

- Many currently public headers are deprecated for application use. By default
  a warning will be issued when such headers are included. A future major
  release will make them private and unavailable.
- Constant time vector permute AES is now supported with NEON and AltiVec
- Performance improvements to GCM, OCB, XTS, CTR and ChaCha20Poly1305
- Performance improvements to RSA
- Support for Argon2 outputs longer than 64 bytes
- In DTLS, support a client crashing then reconnecting from the same
  source port, as is described in RFC 6347
- Optimized DTLS MTU splitting
- Support for the TLS v1.3 downgrade indicator
- Support for GOST 34.10-2012
- Improve performance of RDRAND on x86-64
- Improve performance when using the POWER8 AES instructions
- Added support for POWER9 hardware RNG
- New cli utils "entropy", "base32_enc", "base32_dec"
- Support for using the Python module on Windows

Plus many bugfixes and smaller enhancements documented in the release notes.

SHA-256 1eaefd459d52f27de1805cff8c68792e0610919648ee98e101980e94edb90a63


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