[botan-devel] questions about the python configure.py stanza

Markus Reichelt ml at mareichelt.com
Fri Apr 1 10:52:43 EDT 2022


wrt Botan 2.19.1

I wonder, is there a preference for a python version when invoking

        python configure.py ....

or doesn't it matter at all? 

In case it doesn't I'm inclined to pin that to python3 
(let's see if that breaks anyting).

How I read this with regard to the python bindings:
If the python bindings are used by some py2 app, the invokation needs
to be with python2, and if a py3 app uses the binding with python3.

now the magic question: if both py2 and py3 apps want to use the same
Botan install, is it wise to install Botan with a python2
configure.py compilation first, and then again with a python3
configure.py compilation?

(right now that is a rather theoretical question, but I do wonder
just in case something like that pops up, even given the graveyard
dance of python2)

maintainer of Botan at slackbuilds.org speaking here.

thanks in advance.


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