[cryptography] current digital cash / anonymous payment projects?

Adam Back adam at cypherspace.org
Wed Dec 1 12:53:53 EST 2010

For the technology, to play with it I have Brands and Chaum credentials
implemented in this library:


It was an experiment in simplifying the APIs so I think its rather simple to

Using credentials as an ecash coin is a simple use-case.  For Chaum you need
an Issuer public key per denomination.  For Brands you use one attribute as
the denomination and a single Issuer public key.

Note Brands credentials even though patented have been released with an
open specification by microsoft.  Details on the page above.

(I started converting the library serialization format to match the open
spec as it was implemented before the spec was released).


On Tue, Nov 30, 2010 at 11:12:49AM -0800, travis+ml-rbcryptography at subspacefield.org wrote:
>Can anyone give me a good rundown of the current anonymous payment
>systems, technologies and/or algorithms?
>It's just an idea at this point, but I'd be interested in hearing
>about any commercial offerings by companies offering such systems.
>Being a cryptonerd, I'd also be interested in hearing about the
>technology generally - I've read Applied Crypto 2e, but wondered about
>the state of the art.  Is there a good locus of such information?
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