[cryptography] current digital cash / anonymous payment projects?

James A. Donald jamesd at echeque.com
Thu Dec 2 18:12:38 EST 2010

On 2010-12-02 3:53 AM, Adam Back wrote:
> For the technology, to play with it I have Brands and Chaum credentials
> implemented in this library:
> http://cypherspace.org/credlib/
> It was an experiment in simplifying the APIs so I think its rather
> simple to
> use.
> Using credentials as an ecash coin is a simple use-case. For Chaum you need
> an Issuer public key per denomination. For Brands you use one attribute as
> the denomination and a single Issuer public key.
> Note Brands credentials even though patented have been released with an
> open specification by microsoft. Details on the page above.
> (I started converting the library serialization format to match the open
> spec as it was implemented before the spec was released).
> Adam

Adam's library provides the encryption.

An actual business project would of course require communications and 
user interface.  It would also need to locate its assets and web site 
somewhere the government was less likely to shut it down or take it over 
and use it as a honey pot to catch users, the as happened to egold.

A complete project would provide users with the means to securely 
transmit value between one nym and another without the the central 
server being party to the communication.

Solving the problem of secure cash is a superset of solving the problem 
of providing reasonably usable secure communications.  The cash 
encryption is useless without a solution to communication problem.

Security communications being defined not as reliably and privately 
communicating with a true name, but reliably and privately communicating 
with a nym - solving the "chat to possessor of private key" problem, not 
the "bind private key to true name" problem.

Zooko's triangle describes a manageable user interface for the "chat to 
possessor of private key" problem.

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