[cryptography] Generating passphrases from fingerprints

Jens Kubieziel maillist at kubieziel.de
Sat Dec 4 16:08:38 EST 2010


recently I had a discussion about biometric data. The following problem
Assume someone wants to register at a website. He swipes his finger over
his fingerprint reader. The reader generates strong passphrase from the
fingerprint and other data (hostname of the targeted site, user name
etc.) and creates a strong password. This will be the users login
password. Everytime the user wants to log in again he swipes his finger
over the reader, password is generated again and sent to the site.

We were not sure if it possible to generate the same passphrase again
and again. Does anyone know if such systems exist? Will generating the
passphrase work? I'd glad to hear some opinions about this.

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