[cryptography] Fwd: [gsc] Fwd: OpenBSD IPSEC backdoor(s)

Ian G iang at iang.org
Fri Dec 17 07:42:12 EST 2010

(resend, with right sender this time)

On 17/12/10 3:30 PM, Peter Gutmann wrote:

> To put it more succinctly, and to paraphrase Richelieu, give me six lines of
> code written by the hand of the most honest of coders and I'll find something
> in there to backdoor.

This is the sort of extraordinary claim which I like.

So, how to explore this claim and turn it into some form of 
scientifically validated proposition?

Perhaps we should run a competition?

    Come one, come all!  Bring your K&R!

    Submit the most subtle backdoor into open source crypto thingumyjob.

    Win fame, fortune, and a free holiday in a disputed part of Cuba ...

    Judged by a panel of extremely crotchety and skeptical cryptoplumbers

    (aka, assembled herein).



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