[cryptography] Quantum crypto and the world cup

Danilo Gligoroski danilo.gligoroski at gmail.com
Tue Jun 22 23:44:39 EDT 2010

Maybe we have forgotten bombastic news from 3 years ago about Quantum crypto
protecting the security of ballots in Swiss elections
lots.html but here it is again in a similar but much bigger event (from
popularity point of view):

Quantum crypto employed at world cup in South Africa:

Why my feeling of déjà vu is so strong?
Maybe because I spotted a pattern with similar points:
1. There is an event that is well covered by the mass media
2. There is a wealthy customer who is organizing the event, and who is ready
to pay for "unbreakable data protection"

And as a warning to all who use classical crypto here is the sentence from
the article:
"Traditional means of encrypting such a key use mathematical functions that
are difficult -- but not impossible -- to undo."  

wow :-)


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