[cryptography] Botan CVC certificates help

gigi radio paolop75 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 17 06:47:33 EDT 2010

Hi!I just discovered botan and I recently built the latest stable release
(1.8.8), compiled with visual studio 2008 professional (with cvc module
The build process works fine, but when I try to create a CVC self-signed
certificate (using CVC_EAC::create_self_signed_cert function ) I obtain the
following exception:

      Botan: Decoding error: BER:Tag mismatch when decoding.

Probably the problem is in the following lines of code included
in create_self_signed_cert function:

#if 0 // FIXME
   std::auto_ptr<EAC1_1_CVC_Encoder> enc(priv_key->cvc_eac1_1_encoder());
   MemoryVector<byte> enc_public_key = enc->public_key(sig_algo);
   MemoryVector<byte> enc_public_key;

   return EAC1_1_CVC_CA::make_cert(signer, enc_public_key, opt.car, chr,
opt.holder_auth_templ, opt.ced, opt.cex, rng);

Actually the enc_public_key is not initialized (see the #if directive) so
the following make_cert function throws an exception.
If I try to modifiy the #if directive (#if 0 --> #if 1) the compiler tells
me that  cvc_eac1_1_encoder() doesn't exist...

Any idea on how to fix these lines of code in order to create the
Thanks in advance for your help.
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