[cryptography] short signature scheme?

Paul Crowley paul at ciphergoth.org
Mon Nov 8 12:10:36 EST 2010

On 08/11/10 15:51, Jonathan Katz wrote:
> I am looking for a short signature scheme (certainly shorter than RSA
> signatures, as short as possible would be nice...) that is *patent-free*
> and (less important) easy to implement. Any suggestions?

I'm surprised you're not choosing the DDH scheme proposed by Eu-Jin Goh,
Stanislaw Jarecki, Nan Wang and yourself:


AFAIK the the shortest signatures are 2k bits long (where roughly 2^k 
operations are needed to break the scheme) and this is 3k bits.  I know 
of no patent-free short-signature schemes with better reductions.
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