[cryptography] NSA's position in the dominance stakes

Ian G iang at iang.org
Mon Nov 15 17:21:45 EST 2010

It used to be said that the NSA employed more mathematicians than the 
rest of the world put together.  This was sort of a comment on their 
dominance in cryptography.  Is this factoid still the case?

And, could it be said that the NSA employs more IT Sec people than 
anyone else?

I'm trying to come up with some sort of view as to how leading or 
powerful the NSA's influence is on the infosec world.  For example, they 
are currently pushing out the humble 1024 bit RSA key (via their open 
partner NIST).  In this case, the documentation clearly states it is for 
USA government agencies only, but it seems open players like Mozilla 
with completely different security agendas are tripping over themselves 
to follow NSA's guidance.


Anyone got a view on this?  How dominant is their opinion?



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