[cryptography] NSA's position in the dominance stakes

James A. Donald jamesd at echeque.com
Thu Nov 18 16:25:06 EST 2010

On 2010-11-19 3:02 AM, Marsh Ray wrote:
> "Look out Sony, he's got a bunch of patents!"
> "That's not a bunch of patents."
> [Sony lawyer motions over forklift with pallet of printed documents.]*
> "This is a bunch of patents. So many, in fact, that we could initiate a
> new infringement lawsuit against Certicom and its customers every few
> days if we felt like it. And never run out. Are you sure you want to
> proceed down this road?"

Certicom is a patent troll.  Since they do not actually do anything they 
cannot be charged with violating anyone else's patents.

If Sony settled, Certicom would be crowing from the rooftops, since any 
concessions by Sony could be used to extract similar concessions from 
anyone else.

So Sony threatened to defend against their bogus patents, and maybe 
threatened to get a bigger hired judge against Certicom's hired judge, 
or perhaps threatened to get someone to break their legs, which tactic 
is becoming more common these days, and Certicom blinked.

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