[cryptography] philosophical question about strengths and attacks at impossible levels

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On Sat, Oct 16, 2010 at 12:29:07PM +1100, Ian G wrote:
> On this I would demure.  We do have a good metric:  losses.  Risk  
> management starts from the business, and then moves on to how losses are  
> effecting that business, which informs our threat model.
> We now have substantial measureable history of the results of open use  
> of cryptography.  We can now substantially and safely predict the result  
> of any of the familiar cryptographic components in widespread use,  
> within the bounds of risk management.
> The result of 15-20 years is that nobody has ever lost money because of  
> a cryptographic failure, to a high degree of reliability.  Certainly  
> within the bounds of any open and/or commercial risk management model,  
> including orders of magnitude of headroom.

Does the fact that parts of Stuxnet was signed by two valid certs
count as a cryptographic failure?
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