[cryptography] patents and stuff (Re: NSA's position in the dominance stakes)

James S. Tyre jstyre at jstyre.com
Sat Nov 20 18:59:09 EST 2010

At 02:26 PM 11/20/2010 -0800, Chris Palmer wrote:
>James A. Donald writes:
> > No one gets appointed to the CAFC for having any knowledge or relevant
> > expertise in the subject matter of patents.  None of them, not a one,
> > understand what is being patented,
>How many CAFC people have you talked to?

Hey Chris,

To be more blunt, does he even know what the CAFC is?  A sentence you 
snipped from his post ("Supposedly expert witnesses tell them these 
things, but they have no way of knowing if an expert witness is 
expert, or if the expert witness is telling the truth.") suggests 
rather strongly that he doesn't.


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