[cryptography] RNG, was Re: philosophical question about strengths and attacks at impossible levels

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BTW, I have a RNG mlist for those who are interested in such discussions:


I've thrown out some egd-like ideas as well, including a system that
allows randomly-generated bits to flow from the box with the RNG over
a LAN to the systems that need them, with some protections against
eavesdroppers, and the possibility of using subnet-directed broadcasts
for "opportunistic reseeding" - basically mixing into the pool without
updating the count.

I'm also intrigued by the idea of RNG subsystems and APIs.  You know, you
gotta test outputs from analog stuff pre-whitening and mixing, but then
you want to whiten or mix sources.  Also, sometimes you want random bits,
other times you might want trits or other distributions.

BTW, I have a chapter on randomness and unpredictability in my book:

It contains a variety of observations and links to RNG-related tools,
and a few typos :-)
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