[cryptography] "stream MAC" - does anything like it exist?

Arshad Noor arshad.noor at strongauth.com
Wed Sep 15 00:53:43 EDT 2010

Rayservers wrote:
> Take an example from a completely different field. Take NY EZpass or the
> equivalent freeway toll tag in your country/state. Today, they are implemented
> with a gadget tied to your identity, much like Arshad's proposal - a "right to
> travel" tag. It is a recipe for disaster. 

	I don't believe I characterized consolidated credentials as a
	"right to health-care", or a "right to education", Ray.  People
	always have a choice on what they want to do - the question is,
	do people have the discipline to do things the hard way?

	I am sure you have the choice of slowing down at the toll-booth,
	fishing for change in your pocket, throwing it into the bucket,
	waiting for it to be counted before the green light goes on and
	the turnstile gate goes up (all the while, while probably being
	photographed by a camera to make sure you're not cheating the

	Yet, people are willing to trade their privacy and anonymity for
	the convenience of saving those 30 seconds.  If there is no
	other way to travel on the toll roads, you have the choice of
	using the free roads, or taking the public transportation
	system.  Last I heard, we are all still free to travel where we
	want and how we want, in the US.

	Consolidated credentials (as described in the Identity Firewalls
	paper) do not infer rights; they merely provide a better choice
	(IMO) than status quo.

Arshad Noor
StrongAuth, Inc.

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