[cryptography] Mobile Devices and Location Information as Entropy?

Krassimir Tzvetanov maillists at krassi.biz
Sat Apr 2 19:19:55 EDT 2011

>> And I would think an adversary who has observed your travel patterns
>> might be able to exploit just about anything if your movements
>> are more or less predictable.
> Right - suppose the travel patterns were deduced from cell tower
> triangulation. Is it a moot point to use GPS coordinates as a [low
> entropy] source? (I'm side stepping a 'physical tail').

If you only use the LSB/digit then it's not a concern since those
numbers have a cycle of tens of meters and on top of that there is
daily inaccuracy injected by design (not to be confused with jitter
which was removed from the code 10 years ago)...


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