[cryptography] Newbie Question

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Thu Dec 1 23:43:36 EST 2011

From: "ianG" <iang at iang.org> 

>It does store certs. It just takes above & beyond to get at them. 
Unknown whether it stores certs that you reject. 

I spend a lot of time in hotels, and it is VERY common for me to get one of those popups complaining about certificates when I connect to the hotel WiFi. 

I am an almost-complete greenie WRT crypto, which is why I'm here to learn. 

What is the proper thing to do when one of those things pops up? (It is NOT a rare event). 

I use the "https everywhere" firefox extension on my OSX laptop. I do not access my bank accounts on public WiFi, but I really don't have a choice but to access webmail and gmail. What should I do when I get one of those cert warnings? 
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