[cryptography] Introducing DM-Steg: Deniable encryption for Linux

Leo Samulis anagon at gmail.com
Fri Dec 2 17:15:25 EST 2011

Hello folks,

I'd like to introduce DM-Steg. It's a Linux device mapper module that
provides deniable/steganographic encryption. DM-Steg provides similar
capabilities to Rubberhose (a now defunct project by Julian Assange et
al.) and more advanced deniable encryption than Truecrypt.

DM-Steg can be used to hide any number of strongly encrypted volumes
inside block devices or files. Without keys, there is no way for an
attacker to determine how many volumes a block device contains or even
if the block device is not simply random data. DM-Steg uses strong
encryption yet still achives goood performance - up to 148 MB/s on my
core 2 duo, and only 1% slowdown on kernel compiles.

DM-Steg is working code and free software, so if you have any interest
in deniable encryption, please head over to http://dmsteg.sf.net and
grab the tarball. For those interested in the mechanics of DM-Steg,
the .pdf file on the site should provide a good overview.

I've taken this project as far as I want so I'd very much like it if
there's anyone in the OSS community who wants to take it further.
Don't be shy! :)

All the best,

- Leo

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