[cryptography] really sub-CAs for MitM deep packet inspectors? (Re: Auditable CAs)

Ralph Holz holz at net.in.tum.de
Sun Dec 4 06:21:40 EST 2011


> Hypothetical question: assume enough people get educated how to spot the MitM
> box at work/airport/hotel. Let's say few of them post the MitM chains publicly
> which point to a big issuing CA. It was said (by Peter I think) that nothing
> would likely happen to big issuing CAs (too-big-to-fail). Would the MitM-ing
> sub-CAs take the fall? (lose license and invested funds)

We're actually about to release a little tool that does exactly that,
report the encountered MitM for further scrutiny.


Dipl.-Inform. Ralph Holz
I8: Network Architectures and Services
Technische Universität München

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