[cryptography] Password non-similarity?

dan at geer.org dan at geer.org
Sat Dec 31 22:38:54 EST 2011

 > The most common password is "Password".

There was a time when computer repairmen would come to your
data center to do your systems maintenance for you.  They
invariably had a standing password for your, and everybody
else's, gear.

How do I know?  The first time I ever experienced a hack was
on April Fool's Day, 1986, when the DEC field engineer password
was used by some humorous sort to log in to the Harvard computing
facility that I nominally ran and change the text "HARVARD" to
"YALE" on every document throughout every system.  I couldn't
stop laughing for a week.  Profs with grants due were not amused.

And here we all are on New Year's Eve.


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