[cryptography] Bitcoin observation

Adam Back adam at cypherspace.org
Fri Jul 8 06:30:40 EDT 2011

I thought I already said this in another message, but perhaps it didnt get
to the list.  Apart from the fact that they have some kind of script which
trivially allows you to set the conditions of validity to something
impossible to satisfy eg 0 = 1 that Seth Schoen described; the key in the
signature is actually a hash of a public key, so what I said in my other
message is simply set the hash of the key to be all 000s.


On Fri, Jul 08, 2011 at 01:13:12PM +0300, lodewijk andré de la porte wrote:
>I'm aware of the basic functionality of private-public key encryption. Brute
>forcing possible private keys should eventually result in a specific public
>key (seeing as how there's a limited set of private keys). I think it might
>be possible to have public keys that no private key maps to, I'm not sure
>however and it would also be hard to prove experimentally seeing how the
>universe of private keys is quite large.
>Also note that this kind of brute force attack isn't going to be feasible in
>the near future. (however in 2100 it's likely an easy trick they teach in
>high school's equivalent.)

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