[cryptography] OTR and deniability

James A. Donald jamesd at echeque.com
Tue Jul 19 23:26:32 EDT 2011

On 2011-07-20 7:09 AM, Ian G wrote:
> Part of the problem I have semantically with OTR is that it isn't OTR.
> The presence of a record means it is on the record. While
> OTR-the-product might be attempting to decrease the tamper-resistance
> qualities of the document, there is manifestly a document. And such
> presence tends to outweigh in real life any advantage gained by tampering.
> If it was truly OTR, it would turn off the record. That's what it means,
> the tape stops rolling, the typist stops typing.

Tape has the original difficult to fake voice of the speaker on tape. 
The typist produces a physical document, and is an independent witness 
for the provenance of that document.  She is probably numbering her 
pages, making it difficult to adjust the document without massively 
retyping a multitude of documents.

An electronic document, however, is substantially less evidence than that.

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