[cryptography] Preserve us from poorly described/implemented crypto

J.A. Terranson measl at mfn.org
Tue Jun 7 15:01:30 EDT 2011

On Tue, 7 Jun 2011, Nico Williams wrote:

> I'd like keyboards with counter-measures (emanation of noise clicks)
> or shielding to be on the market, and built-in for laptops.

Remember how well the original IBM PC "clicky keyboard" went over (I think 
I'm the only person in the US who actually liked it - veryone gave me 
theirs after "upgrading to the newer lightweight and silent ones): the 
user experience will always end up with a back seat when it's time to do 
the actual work in front of the screen.
> I wonder whether touch-screen smartphones give off any useful RF
> emanations regarding touches, drags, screen contents.

I haven't done a lot of serious work there, but I did look once at an LG 
Optimus V out of idle curiosity: I don't think it would be very difficult 
to map many of it's leaky signals.  Same for all smartphones in general. 


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