[cryptography] Intel RNG

Peter Gutmann pgut001 at cs.auckland.ac.nz
Sat Jun 18 01:23:59 EDT 2011

David Johnston <dj at deadhat.com> writes:

>Intel has published more details of the new rdrand instruction and the random
>number generator behind it.

They really have waaaay too much die space to spare don't they? :-).

>Requires a system with a 64-bit enabled processor

Does this mean it's unavailable in 32-bit mode?

What does the notation "0F C7 /6" indicate in terms of encoding?  It looks
like RdRand r16 and r32 have the same encoding, or do you encode (for example)
r16 vs. r32 in whatever the "/6" signifies?  How would you encode, for
example, 'RdRand eax'?

(Some general asm examples would also be nice, I can provide MSVC ones if I
can get an example of the encoding for 'RdRand eax').


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