[cryptography] fyi: Sovereign Keys: an EFF proposal for more secure TLS authentication

James A. Donald jamesd at echeque.com
Sat Nov 26 00:43:12 EST 2011

The sovereign keys proposal, is to ensure that a website can only have 
one key at at time - so that the bad guys cannot get a another 
certificate for the same website from some highly cooperative or highly 
incompetent certificate authority.

The proposed system seems to me overly complex and not fully thought 

DNSSEC is intended to enable someone to securely get from a domain name 
to a network address, which network address is supplied by the domain 
holder, and may change quite frequently.

I suggest DNSEC also serve up the hash of the public key for that domain 
when it securely serves up the domain name, and allow the owner of the 
domain to supply that hash from time to time, just as he supplies the 
network address from time to time.

This would require no new infrastructure, no new institutions, no new 
procedures, and no additional network round trips.  (Of course it would 
also require DNSEC to actually work in a useful fashion.)

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