[cryptography] Non-governmental exploitation of crypto flaws?

Joachim Strömbergson Joachim at Strombergson.com
Mon Nov 28 15:38:35 EST 2011


On 2011-11-27 21:10 , Steven Bellovin wrote:
> Does anyone know of any (verifiable) examples of non-government enemies
> exploiting flaws in cryptography?  I'm looking for real-world attacks on
> short key lengths, bad ciphers, faulty protocols, etc., by parties other
> than governments and militaries.  I'm not interested in academic attacks
> -- I want to be able to give real-world advice -- nor am I looking for
> yet another long thread on the evils and frailties of PKI.

How about  Wep0ff and friends that break WEP? AFAIK used in the wild by
curious individuals.


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