[cryptography] trustable self-signed certs in a P2P environment (freedombox)

Eugen Leitl eugen at leitl.org
Wed Nov 30 07:30:03 EST 2011

I presume many here are aware of the Eben Moglen-started
FreedomBox initiative, which sets out to build a Debian 
distro for lplug computers and similar which will package 
many existing tools for the end result of an end-user 
owned and operated, anonymizing and censorship-resistant 

One of the problems I did not see well-addressed yet is
infrastructure for a cert trust network, which uses social
graph information (FreedomBox is supposed to package a P2P
alternative to Facebook & Co) for cert fingerprint validation.

Is anyone aware of existing code which caches SSL cert
fingerprints and alerts when one suddenly changes, informing
of a potential MITM in progress?


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