[cryptography] GlobalSign temporarily ceases issuance of all certificates

Ian G iang at iang.org
Wed Sep 7 16:02:19 EDT 2011

On 8/09/11 5:34 AM, Fredrik Henbjork wrote:
> http://www.globalsign.com/company/press/090611-security-response.html
> This whole mess just gets "better and better"...

"As a responsible CA, we have decided to temporarily cease issuance of 
all Certificates until the investigation is complete. ....

"GlobalSign has officially announced the appointment of Fox-IT to assist 
with investigations into the claimed breach. Fox-IT is the Dutch 
cybersecurity experts hired to investigate the compromise of the Dutch 
CA DigiNotar and therefore already have a wealth of current knowledge 
and experience of the hacker."

Hmmmm.... I'm not sure I'd suspend issuance without some evidence.  If 
it was me.  I might put all issuances under manual control and checking 
... but evidence would be highly respected in this case.


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