[cryptography] Diginotar Lessons Learned (long)

Michael Nelson nelson_mikel at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 13 18:29:46 EDT 2011

> An alternative to cross-certification called bridge CAs [ ],
> initially known as overseer CAs when they were developed
> for the Automotive Network Exchange (ANX) program and
> which were in turn based on even earlier pre-PKI work on
> inter-realm authentication [ ][ ][ ][ ], avoids this problem to
> some degree by adding a single super-root that bridges two
> or more root CAs.
Bridges have a similar end result, as far as what you trust, to what you say.  But to clarify, a bridge is not a trusted root.  Relying parties do not install the bridge certificate as a trusted root.  They continue to use their original CA.  But now certificates from another CA can chain up through the bridge to the original trusted root.

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