[cryptography] Tell Grandma to remember the Key ID and forget the phone number.

StealthMonger StealthMonger at nym.mixmin.net
Mon Sep 26 15:42:57 EDT 2011

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"John Levine" <johnl at iecc.com> writes:

> What am I missing here?  This all boils down to the introduction
> problem, how do you persuade one party that a second party who they
> don't know yet is OK.

Something or somebody decides Grandma to take an interest in some
product.  The idea is that the Key ID be an integral part of that
something, whether that something is a web site found by search, or a
print advertisement, or word-of-mouth from a friend.

Perfect cryptographically-strong introduction.  No CA.

Whether the merchant is Amazon or FakeAmazon doesn't matter.  What
matters is that Grandma took an interest in the product associated
with that Key ID.  She enters that key into her local "key book" (like
a phone book) and refers to it when she wants to learn more about the
product, or to buy it.

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