[cryptography] RFC: randomness from timer demon

Sandy Harris sandyinchina at gmail.com
Tue Sep 27 02:04:49 EDT 2011

I have written a demon for Linux that gathers entropy from timer
jitter and pushes it into random(4). Comment and criticism solicited.

There is working code and a PDF rationale document, but it is not
finished. Things I know are wrong are that I have not got the manual
page format right yet and it currently sends error messages to stderr
rather than to syslog, which is rather dumb for a demon process. There
may be other things; you tell me.

It is at: ftp://ftp.cs.sjtu.edu.cn:990/sandy/maxwell/

That should be available for anon FTP, but I have not tested it from
outside the university. If it does not work for you, send an off-list
request and I can email the tar file.

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