[cryptography] OT: Key Internet [DNS] operator VeriSign hit by hackers

Jeffrey Walton noloader at gmail.com
Thu Feb 2 14:16:07 EST 2012


(Reuters) - VeriSign Inc, the company in charge of delivering people
safely to more than half the world's websites, has been hacked
repeatedly by outsiders who stole undisclosed information from the
leading Internet infrastructure company.

The previously unreported breaches occurred in 2010 at the Reston,
Virginia-based company, which is ultimately responsible for the
integrity of Web addresses ending in .com, .net and .gov.

The VeriSign attacks were revealed in a quarterly U.S. Securities and
Exchange Commission filing in October that followed new guidelines on
reporting security breaches to investors. It was the most striking
disclosure to emerge in a review by Reuters of more than 2,000
documents mentioning breach risks since the SEC guidance was

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