[cryptography] InfoSec Southwest 2012 Speakers and Agenda

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It is my pleasure to announce InfoSec Southwest 2012's final speaker
selections.  The following lectures will be given at this year's

* Peiter "Mudge" Zatko - Keynote
* Orlando Barrera II & Josh Sokol - A New Technique in Data Exfiltration
and Confidentiality
* Daniel "unicornFurnace" Crowley - Speaking with Cryptographic Oracles
* Nick DePetrillo & Lurene "pusscat" Grenier - Le Chat-SEC
* Brandon Dixon	- JS 2.0 Encoders - Forcing Change in Browser Exploit
* Joshua "jduck" Drake - Exploiting Memory Corruption in the Java
* Amir "Zenofex" Etemadieh - Attacking the GoogleTV
* Joseph "AverageJoe" Giron - Creating your own windows debugger in C
* Richard Johnson - Improving Software Security with Dynamic Binary
* Gursev Sing Kalra - Attacking CAPTCHAs for Fun and Profit
* Byoungyoung Lee - Exploit Shop: 1-day Patch Analysis Project
* Karthik Raman - Selecting Features to Classify Malware
* Rick Redman - Ripe for the Picking: 100 Million Leaked Passwords and
its Impact on Password Research
* Winn Schwartau - Cyberwar 4-G - aka The Coming Smart Phone Wars

You can find further detail about our speakers and lectures, as well as
the schedule, on the conference website:



Registration is open but the lower-priced registration blocks are
selling out fast!  You can register for the conference using the links
to our registration portal provided on the conference registration page:


If you intend to attend the conference, we ask that you please register
as early as possible using our registration portal.  As this is our
first conference, it would greatly help us in planning and logistics
(such as ordering badges) to have a more accurate idea of expected
attendance, which early registration will definitely help with.  To
reward early registration, we have set up a tiered registration pricing
model.  Each block of registrations is limited in quantity up to the
final block which is unlimited in quantity and will be available both
via the registration portal and on-site:

Block		Price
Student		$90.00
Block 1		$110.00 *** SOLD OUT ***
Block 2		$120.00
Block 3		$130.00
Block 4		$140.00
Block 5		$150.00
Block 6		$160.00
On-site		$160.00

As each block of registrations is exhausted the next block will become

### TRAINING ###

InfoSec Southwest also has a number of in-depth training courses
available following the conference.  These include:

* Sumit Siddharth - The Art of Exploiting SQL Injection
* Rolf Rolles - Binary Literacy: Static Reverse Engineering
* Chris Simpson - Cloud Computing Security Knowledge Basic
* Chris Simpson - Cloud Computing Security Knowledge Plus
* James "egypt" Lee - Metasploit Mastery

You can find out details of our training courses as well as tuition and
registration information on the website training page:


### SPONSORS ###

Finally, we would like to thank our sponsors, without whom this
conference would not be possible:

(Diamond)    Harris Crucial Security
(Diamond)    Trammell Ventures
(Gold)       Cisco Security
(Silver)     RIM BlackBerry Security
(Silver)     Leviathan Security Group
(Silver)     NSS Labs
(A la Carte) ExploitHub will be providing the conference badges.
(A la Carte) No Starch Press will be providing books for contests and
(A la Carte) Trammell Ventures will be providing Bitcoins for Demolition
Derby CTF prizes.

More information about our sponsors can be found here:


Hope to see you all here in Austin for the conference!

I)ruid, C²ISSP
druid at caughq.org

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