[cryptography] how many MITM-enabling sub-roots chain up to public-facing CAs ?

Ralph Holz holz at net.in.tum.de
Tue Feb 14 10:23:30 EST 2012


On 02/14/2012 04:20 PM, Adam Back wrote:
> My point is this - say you are the CEO of a CA.  Do you want to bet
> your entire company on no one ever detecting nor reporting the MITM
> sub-CA that you issued?  I wouldnt do it.  All it takes is one savy
> or curious guy in a 10,000 person company.
> Consequently if there are any other CAs that have done this, they now
> know mozilla and presumably other browsers are on to them and they
> need to revoke any mitm sub-CA certs and stop doing it or they risk
> their CA going bankrupt like with diginotar.

Yes, I got that. I just think it's not how a normal CEO would react if
TrustWave had been kicked out *after* confessing what they'd done. If
that confession had been met with punishment, CAs would have had only an
incentive to hide, but not to make further confessions. That's why I
said I like Marsh's proposal: incentives are now to make up for past
mistakes, *and* take precautions they are not repeated. That's a net
gain in security for everyone, and that's why I was against kicking out


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