[cryptography] how many MITM-enabling sub-roots chain up to public-facing CAs ?

Ralph Holz holz at net.in.tum.de
Tue Feb 14 16:57:17 EST 2012


>> You kno, I can't help but think of the resemblance to the real world
>> death penalty for humans - AFAICT it does not seem to deter criminals.
> Singapore has approximately  one hundredth to one thousandth the crime
> rate of western democracies - near zero rapes, and dramatically fewer
> murders. Not only is their lower class law abiding, their bankers and
> bureaucrats, unlike ours are also law abiding.
> From which it is evident that the death penalty *does* deter, both for
> institutions and individuals.

May I, just for reasons of comparison, have the same numbers for the US,
especially the states with a death penalty, and the UK and/or DE?


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