[cryptography] looking for DES implementation in C

ianG iang at iang.org
Thu Feb 16 17:39:53 EST 2012

As you say it is a course assignment, there is an option.  Find the 
standard definition, and give it to your students to code it up from the 

This is actually quite a good exercise because it gets into the arcania 
of C numbers definitions.  Also, the standard definition comes with a 
couple of test vectors, so it is possible to know whether you got it right.

As a data point, it took myself and a mate one weekend to code it from 
standard, once upon a time.  Working together.

Just a thought :)


On 17/02/12 09:33 AM, Jonathan Katz wrote:
> I'm looking for a stand-alone implementation of DES in C. Can anyone
> point me to one (or send me one of their own)? Note: I know that there
> exist C crypto libraries that include DES, but I'd rather not install an
> entire library just to get access to DES.
> (For those who are curious: this is for a course assignment. Though now
> that the students have alerted me to the fact that DES implementations
> seem to be hard to find -- doesn't anyone use triple DES? -- I'm also
> interested myself in getting my hands on one.)
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