[cryptography] Applications should be the ones [GishPuppy]

Nico Williams nico at cryptonector.com
Thu Feb 16 22:41:04 EST 2012

On Thu, Feb 16, 2012 at 8:45 PM,  <267 at gishpuppy.com> wrote:
> Nico Williams wrote:
>> Applications (in the Unix sense) should not be the ones seeding the
> system's PRNG.  The system should ensure that there is enough entropy
> and seed its own PRNG (and mix in new entropy).
> Exactly the opposite.
> Application creator/maintainer is always in the trust chain; this can not
> be avoided. As the well-known Debiandebacle demonstrated, there is
> every good reason to remove the operating system creator/maintainer
> from the trust chain. There is a reasonable chance that a security-critical
> application is constructed and maintained by someone who is skilled
> in security programming; there is very low chance this is the case with
> the operating system.

Debian was a distribution, and its maintainers had the responsibility
to put the system together correctly.  They're failure is no more an
indictment of all operating systems than any one application bug is an
indictment of all applications.  Just what is an operating system
anyways?  Just a kernel?  What about the boot loader?  Or the C
library, or the utilities needed to get to a running system?  Is
OpenSSL part of the system if it's shipped with the OS?

And if you can't trust the OS for entropy, why trust it to run the
application at all?  Who knows what side channels a poor OS might
result in.  Or a VM environment.

My rationale for the above statement is that an application by itself
has no entropy.  Entropy has to be gathered from something else.  The
application might be able to gather some, or not.  As a user it's hard
to say, but the operating system can definitely see to it that it has
some entropy, and the OS maintainers had better see to it that the OS
can and does gather entropy (/dev/*random is clearly evidence that OS
developers agree).  I can understand *portable* applications (and
libraries) having entropy gathering code on the argument that they may
need to run on operating systems that don't have a decent entropy


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