[cryptography] US Appeals Court upholds right not to decrypt a drive

Randall Webmail rvh40 at insightbb.com
Sat Feb 25 12:53:41 EST 2012

>>Which is why the average random geek needs to be reminded, over and over
>>again, that you NEVER talk to the police. Not a word. Ever. If you're feeling
>>kind, write them a note, "I don't talk to police." They should leave wondering
>>whether you're mute.

>Uh, you know the bit where I said that the police are very good at getting
>information out of people?  That also applies to people who initially decide
>that they don't want to talk to the police.

In the US, you should tell them you're not going to talk to them without your attorney present.   That should shut them up.   Assuming they follow the law, they must stop all questioning at that point.  Assuming they make a written record of your request, anything they get from you (other than information you "volunteer") after that point should be inadmissible.  Note that there are two assumptions in this paragraph.  

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