[cryptography] CAPTCHA as a Security System?

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From: lodewijk andré de la porte <lodewijkadlp at gmail.com>

>I'd like to add to this conversation, as a side note, that a new type of security has (fairly) recently emerged: legal security. "It's >illegal to break in, so we don't need security". Quite common in convenience stores, people's homes and now, the Internet. Some >will find that this sort of security sucks. That it doesn't protect them very well. They won't care though, because even though the >window was open, no one should've entered. 

My neighborhood Wal*Mart has pretty much eliminated cashiers in favor of self-checkouts.

Anyone so inclined could walk in, load up a cart, walk up to a self-checkout, check maybe half the items in the cart, pay for them and leave, with no one the wiser until the physical inventory didn't match up with the computer inventory.

Wal*Mart is not stupid.   They know full well that a certain percent of shoppers will indeed walk out with a certain amount of goods, every day.

They have a very good idea of the dollar value of this "shrinkage", and they have decided that the shrinkage costs less than the eight or so dollars an hour that it would cost to put clerks in place.

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