[cryptography] InfoSec Southwest 2012 CFP First-round Speaker Selections

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InfoSec Southwest is proud to announce our keynote speaker and
first-round speaker selections for our 2012 conference.  Our CFP remains
open until February 1st 2012 after which we will make our remaining
final speaker selections.  CFP information is available at:


Keynote Speaker: Peiter "Mudge" Zatko

We're quite excited to have Mudge accept our invitation to be our
Keynote speaker.  One of our goals for this conference is to bring
together a balanced attendance sourcing from the hacker community,
InfoSec professionals communities, as well as the Government and
Military InfoSec community.  Just from our regional area here in Texas
there is a strong presence from all of these communities, and we hope to
draw as many of you from all of these communities outside our regional
area as well.  Mudge was an obvious choice for our keynote, having a
long and solid history with the hacker and professional InfoSec
communities, and more recently with the public sector with his
involvement in DARPA and his Cyber Fast Track initiative.

First-round CFP Speaker Selections:

Lurene "pusscat" Grenier & Nick DePetrillo - Le Chat-SEC
Joshua "jduck" Drake - Exploiting Memory Corruption in the Java Runtime
Joseph "AverageJoe" Giron - Creating Your Own Windows Debugger in C
Gursev Singh Kalra - Attacking CAPTCHAs for Fun and Profit
Karthik Raman - Selecting Features to Classify Malware

For speaker bios and lecture details, please visit the lectures page on
the conference website:


We're also happy to announce the availability of a few advanced training
courses that will be available following the InfoSec Southwest 2012

The Art of Exploiting SQL Injection - Sumit Siddharth
Binary Literacy: Static Reverse Engineering - Rolf Rolles
Metasploit Mastery - James "egypt" Lee

If you are interested in training, you can find the full details for
these training courses on the conference website:



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druid at caughq.org
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